Madeleine Preston Consultant Trichologist

Hair & Scalp Specialist

Madeleine PrestonI have been a Trichologist for more than 25 years and worked for most of my life for the world renowned and respected Philip Kingsley. I ran the clinic in Mayfair and Harrods for over 25 years as well as starting up a practice in New York.

I am passionate about Trichology and was inspired to become a Trichologist when I saw the effect hair loss had on my mother as a child andĀ felt I wanted to do something about it.

Trichology is the science, structure, function and diseases of the human hair. A Trichologist is a Specialist who treats hair and scalp conditions.

Hair loss is a very emotive subject and one that causes the most distress. Having a Consultation determines the type of hair loss whether it be genetic or temporary or symptomatic of an underlying medical condition.

Treatment may require applications of specialised stimulating ingredients which are tailor made for the client along with nutritional advice and supplements or recommendations to have specific blood tests as well as Cosmetic advice.

Scalp Conditions

In the case of Scalp Conditions home treatments are often advised as in such cases of inflammatory conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Although many patients do well from home treatments often those that do better benefit from physical treatment which includes massage therapy.

Services and products

Treatments individually prescribed for hair loss and scalp conditions. Stockists of Philip Kingsley products as well as bespoke products made to clients' needs.