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Medeleine Preston

I have over 25 years experience as a Trichologist

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About Madeleine Preston Trichologist

I have been a Trichologist for more than 25 years and worked for most of my life for the world renowned and respected Philip Kingsley. I ran the clinic in Mayfair and Harrods for over 25 years as well as starting up a practice in New York.

I am passionate about Trichology and was inspired to become a Trichologist when I saw the effect hair loss had on my mother as a child and felt I wanted to do something about it.

Trichology is the science, structure, function and diseases of the human hair. A Trichologist is a specialist who treats hair and scalp conditions.

Hair loss is a very emotive subject and one that causes the most distress. Having a consultation determines the type of hair loss whether it be genetic or temporary or symptomatic of an underlying medical condition.

Treatment may require applications of specialised stimulating ingredients which are tailor made for the client along with nutritional advice and supplements or recommendations to have specific blood tests as well as Cosmetic advice.


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hair loss

All Types Of Hair Loss Treatments

The most common forms of hair loss are Androgenetic alopecia, Male pattern baldness , Alopecia areata and Telogen effluvium.
hair regrowth

Hair Regrowth Treatments

I can provide hair treatments for all hair conditions including hair loss, hair thinning, hair breakage, genetic hair loss, hair shaft problems.
scalp treatment

Scalp Treatments

I can provide treatment for scalp disorders like psoriasis, itchy scalp and inflammation, dry scalp and dandruff.



Video Consultations are available to be able to discuss your questions and concerns in an advisory conversation.


Treatments individually prescribed for hair loss and scalp conditions. Stockists of Philip Kingsley products as well as bespoke products made to clients' needs.


Face to face Consultations carried out to make an accurate diagnosis of hair and scalp conditions.


A treatment plan set up to clear up and successfully improve and manage your hair and scalp condition.


Advice and recommendations given about hair transplant surgery and suitability for surgery.


Tailor made blood profiles set up and recommendations to other health professionals where necessary.

Head and Neck


I found myself on the verge of giving up and accepting hair loss until I met Madeleine. Prior to becoming a client of Madeleine's I spared no expense on products, salons and visits to the leading hair dermatologist at one of the most distinguished hospitals in the US.

After all the wasted time and money the end result was either no change or even worse - further hair loss and damage.

Change finally came after consulting Madeleine. Madeleine's education, experience knowledge and empathy contribute to her being a true expert in the hair treatment field. Madeleine's outstanding client service, communication and availability far exceed expectations. Madeleine takes a comprehensive approach to all hair issues.

In my case a very thorough examination was conducted and proper blood tests ordered something which the so called leading hair dermatologist failed to do.

After following Madeleine's protocol and using her products I not only stopped losing hair but in a very short time started seeing new hair growth.After six months my hair was healthier than it had ever been and that trend continues today.My hair is thicker, healthier, and shinier and now receive compliments on my hair with all credit attributed to Madeleine.

I am happy I did not give up and strongly encourage anyone with damaged or thinning hair to consult with Madeleine.There are no words to fully express my gratitude to Madeleine and will be eternally thankful for all she has done.

Marla Mongone, Attorney September 2018 View more


Institute Of trichologists Merton Chambers Of Commerce Royal Society for Public Health Society of Cosmetic Scientist
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