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I am grateful to my customers for allowing me to share their testimonial’s on my site. If you have a moment please have a read through.

Madeleine has always been both friendly and professional in the way she has dealt with me over the last few years. Her knowledge and expertise has allowed me to develop an affordable, treatment plan, incorporating drops and dietary supplements. I am pleased with the results I am getting and will continue to work with Madeleine, in future.

MC August 2022

I came to see Madeleine a year ago with an inflamed, itchy scalp which was driving me crazy. She kindly made a space for me on a Saturday as I was quite desperate. She immediately diagnosed the condition and I have been using her products ever since. The condition is now under control thanks to Madeleine's kindness and professional help. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Maria Ann, Teacher September 2019

I found myself on the verge of giving up and accepting hair loss until I met Madeleine. Prior to becoming a client of Madeleine's I spared no expense on products, salons and visits to the leading hair dermatologist at one of the most distinguished hospitals in the US.

After all the wasted time and money the end result was either no change or even worse - further hair loss and damage.

Change finally came after consulting Madeleine. Madeleine's education, experience knowledge and empathy contribute to her being a true expert in the hair treatment field. Madeleine's outstanding client service, communication and availability far exceed expectations. Madeleine takes a comprehensive approach to all hair issues.

In my case a very thorough examination was conducted and proper blood tests ordered something which the so called leading hair dermatologist failed to do.

After following Madeleine's protocol and using her products I not only stopped losing hair but in a very short time started seeing new hair growth.After six months my hair was healthier than it had ever been and that trend continues today.My hair is thicker, healthier, and shinier and now receive compliments on my hair with all credit attributed to Madeleine.

I am happy I did not give up and strongly encourage anyone with damaged or thinning hair to consult with Madeleine.There are no words to fully express my gratitude to Madeleine and will be eternally thankful for all she has done.

Marla Mongone, Attorney September 2018

I went to Madeleine with a cracked and bleeding scalp which was unbearably sore and itchy.I also had patches of hair loss and eczema.Madeleine took the time to fully understand my medical history and was empathetic and pragmatic.After blood tests she was able to prescribe a course of treatment that had immediate impact and relief.With in months the symptoms had largely disappeared and any slight re-occurrences are now easily managed using the products she has recommended.I wish I had found Madeleine months earlier.It would have saved me a lot of pain and misery.

Reena March 2016

For a healthy scalp and gorgeously glossy locks, treated by expert and nuturing hands, I highly recommend Madeleine Preston.

Nathalie Eleni, Beauty Editor of Country and Town House Magazine March 2016

I was concerned about a condition which was affecting my scalp and causing worrying hair loss.

An appointment which I had with an NHS Consultant would take several months so I decided to contact Madeleine Preston.

Her friendly manner , care and professionalism ensured that the condition of my hair and scalp returned to normal within a few weeks of treatment.

I am sincerely grateful and have no hesitation in recommending Madeleine to others who may have similar symptoms.

Bertha March 2016

The fact that Madeleine was so available and phoned me when I was so upset about my hair falling out made such a big difference.

I think I needed emotional support just as much as practical and Madeleine really did that.

You don't even encounter customer care at that level, it was more like speaking to an expert supportive friend...

About two years ago I noticed my hair looking thinner and remembered how my mother's hair was after the menopause.

This concerned me a lot and I became more self conscious about my hair.

I tried several products but nothing made a difference.Lumps of hair started coming out and I gradually became more distressed.

Seven months ago I found Madeleine's Website and made an appointment.She immediately put me at ease, gave me plenty of time explaining all about hair to me and answering all of my questions.

After examining my scalp and hair Madeleine sent me for blood tests which showed I was low in certain nutrients. Madeleine prescribed the appropriate supplements which I took along with Madeleine's specialist hair products.

Within a few months my hair started looking fuller and felt much better. The products combined with supplements and the occasional very lovely treatment from Madeleine worked for me.

It's so horrible losing hair it seemed genetically induced I thought there was no hope of increasing hair growth.I'm happy to say I was proved wrong as Iv'e now got lots of new hairs coming through.

I'm so grateful to Madeleine I would recommend her to anyone. Not only did she help me, but she did so with kindness and empathy (Happy to be contacted via Madeleine)

Ingela March 2016

My hair started to fall out after my second child and had not recovered four years later. I also had a dry itchy scalp and doctors had been unable to help. When I saw Madeleine she was very thorough, looked at my previous blood test results and discussed my diet..

She immediately identified a potential issue and recommended a simple change to my diet plus some reasonably priced products. I saw a change very quickly- within a week my hair had stopped falling out and within a month my scalp was dramatically better.

I would highly recommend Madeleine as a kind and patient practitioner and a specialist in her field.

Sam January 2016

While Madeleine is not a doctor her professionalism, knowledge and eye for detail has not only given me healthy hair for the first time in 4 years but resolved some other medical issues that have caused problems that doctors either dismissed or been baffled by.

She is patient,caring and a real pleasure to talk to and I’m extremely grateful for her help.

Olly June 2014

Madeleine achieved great results for me as well as being very empathetic and pleasant to deal with. I had reached crisis point with my scalp and hair when I travelled to London from Edinburgh and she fitted me in at short notice, gave me lots of time and attention and my scalp and hair are now back to a healthy condition.

I have visited other Trichologists in the past and Madeleine is definitely up there with the very, very best of them. Can’t thank her enough.

Jo November 2013

Having been a client of Madeleine Preston's since 1985 it is with great assurance that I can say she is easily one of the most knowledgable, helpful and careful trichologists in her field.

She has vast experience both in England and America and her own products are no mere glamorous or trendy additions to what is at present on the market, but in fact the real thing! They absolutely work and will do for you precisely what you hope they will do.They are simple and perfect.

Michael Fitzgerald, Actor September 2012

Fantastic Trichologist
Hello all. I had to write this email just to let people know that if you need a trichologist for any scalp or hair problems this lady is the one to see.

I had hair loss problems which were worrying the life out of me and on my visit to Madeleine she was not only a lovely lady but new straight away how to help me and she did.

Her practice has great free parking. She is so kind and understanding that I urge anyone needing help to pay her a visit.

Helen September 2012

Hair loss for a woman can be very traumatic and at such times it is important for one to be supported by someone who not only knows their subject but who is empathetic and compassionate.

Madeleine Preston encapsulates all three elements.In addition she takes a holistic approach to hair loss, focussing on both the nutritional requirements as well as topical applications.

Madeleine does not promise miracles but realistic results. I have been a patient of of Madeleine's for over 10 years and am delighted to be able to recommend her to prospective patients.

Patricia July 2012

I am grateful to my customers for allowing me to share their testimonial’s on my site. If you have a moment please have a read through.


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